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Pea Sheller

Electric Driven Mr. Pea Sheller™ is a table top electric pea sheller for home use.  It shells all garden fresh peas and beans, including: Black-eyed, Purple Hull, Small Crowder, Cream Peas, English Peas, Sweet Peas, and "hard to shell" Lima and Butter beans.  Perfect for the cook who loves fresh vegetables.  Also, a real time saver for those who like to can.   Mr. Pea Sheller is easy to use and operates very quietly.  There are no adjustments to make.  It is light enough to use in any convenient place.
  • Shells 1 to 3 bushels per hour.
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Long life 1/15 horsepower, 115 volt motor
  • Improved roller design
  • Steel gears
  • Brass bearings
  • Die cast pulleys
  • Sturdy belt
  • Half-gallon container
  • Plywood frame construction
  • 8" tall x 12" wide x 19 " long
  • Weighs approximately 18 lbs
  • Pea Pan is included

Electric pea sheller



Simply load the tray simply feed hull ends into rollers. Peas and beans fall into pan.

Mr. Pea Sheller is guaranteed for one year against defects in parts and manufacturing not caused by abnormal operating practices.

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